... what? Everyone has their opinion. Some think there is no such thing, but they are a minority of the world's population. Some think there are many gods, some just one. But how can we know and whose opinion is right?

If we wanted to know David Cameron’s favourite colour we could all have a guess. Each guess would be equally valid and legitimate, but we wouldn't all be right. Those close to him may feel they have a more informed guess but they could still be wrong. The only one who really knows is David! Our best hope of guessing right would be to ask him.

So the best way to know what God is like is to ask him. But how can we do that and will he answer? The amazing thing is that he has anticipated our need to find out by supplying us with an autobiography. Christians call it the Bible.

Over the next few weeks we are going to be exploring what God says about Himself in the Bible and invite you to join us at South Craven Evangelical Church on our journey of discovery.